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Gun & Blood - the Peter Hacket Chronicles - www.mbchattelle.uk

Peter Hacket was a casualty of the budget cuts to the UK Secret Intelligence Services (SIS).

Now considered a deniable retread resource, he  contracts out his specialist black services to any organisation or individual who can afford him.

“Hacket was always the type of guy that would
assassinate you rather than leave you
 hung out to dry. He’s kind of tidy like that."
Charles Grimshaw, UK Retread Operations
to Frederick Marsh, his  handler in
SIS/MI6 Vauxhall Cross, UK.

“Tidy is a valuable asset.
You put him on your payroll Charlie."
Frederick Marsh,

Following Russian dirty money through China to the UK. The problem was that many involved wanted a cut of the dirty funds but did not appreciate the price they would have to pay.


Borneo Bloodline - Cover - Girl in Kuching City www.mbchattelle.uk About Borneo Bloodline

An evasive father, four legitimate and one illegitimate daughter are about to kill each other as al-Qaeda move in to control the family crime activity in Kuching, Borneo. Hacket is forced to choose allegiances but would he have to side with al-Qaeda to save his undercover team?

East Malaysia


Borneo Bloodline - Cover - Girl in Kuching City www.mbchattelle.uk About Borneo Bloodline

Engaging a financial asset identity stripper to launder counterfeit currency through your Viennese Bank should not be done without testing. The head of  a Mexican crime family would advance his son 18 million printed Euros to prove it possible to revive the family fortunes.  The son required a small orchestra but not all were playing the same tune as Hacket and team were to discover.



18 Million Reasons to Die- Cover - Gilr's handl and gun www.mbchattelle.uk About 18 Million Reasons to Die

Calling yourself an English  Baroness doesn't automatically mean you can get away with murder to acquire an uncut diamond snuggled out of Zimbabwe and destined for closed auction in Monaco to raise money for terrorists.


Black Diamond Baroness -  Cover- Girl, Legs, Gun www.mbchattelle.uk About Black Diamond Baroness

The German Gorgh crime family agreed that a fortune was to be had from stealing and selling on the latest UK encryption computer coding designed to protect on-line identities. Each had their own reasons, which Hacket discovered when he infiltrated the Richmond operation.  What become complex was how the operation was hacking into defence contractors and the military.

The  outcome would depend on, without official sanction,  which direction Hacket would point his gun to close down the operation.



Richmond, London - Book Cover - www.mbchattelle.uk About Richmond, London