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Author of - the Peter Hacket chronicles


Author of - the Peter Hacket chronicles



Syrian al-Qaeda wanted to increase their income stream from Borneo, Malaysia by totally absorbing the Che Chong criminal business in Kuching’s Golden Triangle.

When close to death Chong reaches out for help which, when justifiable cause arises, eventually arrives from London in the advisory only capacity of Hacket and Reech.

In the interim Chong’s legitimate daughters have already set about curtailing al-Qaeda which embroils corrupt French Bankers, Indonesian armaments suppliers and the Malay Secret Services.

All involved disregard one of Che Chong’s illegitimate daughter’s who, for the al-Qaeda, business educated Commander Ayman Khaifa, is pivotal to controlling the Triangle.

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Borneo Bloodline - Book Cover - www.mbchattelle.uk

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